Yarn Addiction

I think I might have a yarn addiction. Over the last week of so I have spent countless hours looking at yarn online. When that isn’t enough, I dig into my yarn stash and squish my yarn. I haven’t added it all up, but there is probably well over a thousand dollars in yarn I want to buy. It’s a good thing I can’t afford any more yarn, otherwise I might have been tempted to purchase enough yarn to stock a small LYS. (One of my favorite LYS’ is having a sale next weekend, so I might not be able to resist buying yarn then. I’ll bike so it will limit the amount of yarn I can carry home.)

I think my addiction isn’t about owning piles and piles of yarn. It’s about wanting to try knitting with all the yarns. I want to know what every brand of yarn is like. But one skein of every yarn offered by every brand is still way too much yarn for one person to own, even if I limit myself to just my favorite yarn weights and fibers. I’m afraid that once I’ve gotten the chance to knit most (or even just some) of the yarn on my wishlist I might get serious about building up a stash.

I wish I had a limitless yarn budget and plenty of free space so I could build up a stash that I wouldn’t be able to use in three lifetimes. I’d also like to dedicate an equal amount of space to a fiber stash. It’s a good thing I can’t afford to buy that much yarn.


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