The last few days I’ve really been into knitting hats. So far I’ve knit two with plans for at least another three.

IMAG0530The first is a 1920s/30s style cloche with a bow. I wanted to make something different, so I added a brim. It was surprisingly easy to add, but I ended up using way more yarn than I thought. Then I added the bow for a more feminine touch. The only downside to the hat is that I started getting bored of knitting in stockinette towards the end.

The second hat (that I accidentally stayed up all night knitting) is a fair isle style toque that I designed.IMAG0531 While knitting the first hat the yarn was screaming at me that it wanted to be used for a fair isle pattern. So while I was knitting what seemed like endless stockinette I started designing this hat. IMAG0532As soon finished the first hat I cast of this one. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I really love the two colours together.

I think I have just enough yarn left for one more hat. So my third, yet to be cast on, hat will have grey ribbing and the rest of the hat will be blue. Not very interesting to make, but it should make a good mindless project.

I also have two skeins of yarn that are screaming to be knit into cables. I’ve already started planning the designs for two hats with cables. But for now my right index finger needs a break from knitting (for some reason the last few days I kept stabbing my finger with my knitting needles so it’s a little sore). I’m going to take a little time off from knitting to let my finger heal (or at least let a callous form) and finally finish the crochet beaded clutch I’ve been working on for weeks.


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