To Frog or not to Frog

I have about 2/3 of a slouch hat that’s been siting waiting to be finished for months (I think since April).2014-07-28 16.15.35 I love this hat, but I ran out of yarn and haven’t bothered to get more. It’s been so long that I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to find the same dye lot.

I know that I should frog it and use the yarn for something else. I can always start again with a different colour. I spent so much time working on it that it’s hard to say goodbye.

For now it’s going to sit in a drawer waiting until I’m mentally prepared to frog it.

I bought too much yarn

Friday I decided to buy some more yarn because my LYS was having a sale. I went in with a plan. I looked at their website to see what yarns were on sale and decided Which yarns I was going to look at (and most likely purchase). Once I got there I was noticed some discontinued yarns I like on sale so I had to buy some. I also found some really nice looking yarns that I haven’t tried yet on sale that were too soft to put back on the shelf.

Let me start with the yarn I intended to purchase.2014-07-27 21.16.14 I bought these three skeins of Briggs and Little yarn. They weren’t on sale, but I want to try them. I bought one skein of Tuffy, one of Regal, and one of Softspun.

I also bought 3 skeins of Sublime Lustrous to make mobius cowls with.2014-07-27 21.25.22 I wanted to buy some while they were on sale (although I’m pretty sure they’ve been on sale for at least 2 months). One of the skeins vanished mysteriously. I hope it’s somewhere in the car.

I also wanted to try IMAG0625 Cascade Casablanca. I don’t really like multicoloured yarns but I wanted to try this one.

I 2014-07-27 21.19.28also2014-07-27 21.20.02 got some non animal fibre yarns. Sublime Bamboo and Pearls and Elsebeth Lavold Bambool. I’ve never worked with yarn that wasn’t mostly an animal fibre (except acrylic). I’m curious to see how different it turns out. I’m going to make scarves because I know these yarns tend to stretch and don’t have the same memory as wool.

Once 2014-07-27 21.15.51I got into the store I saw some Elsebeth Lavold Baby Llama. I love this yarn but it’s discontinued. I just had to buy some while I still could.2014-07-27 21.16.39 I also picked up 2 skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Calm Wool. I don’t like it as much as the Baby Llama, but I wanted to use it again so into my basket it went.

I2014-07-27 21.19.07 also picked up another skein of Camel Hair. I haven’t used the one I already had yet but it was calling to me and I couldn’t resist. I did choose a different colour this time.

Sitting 2014-07-27 21.18.21on the shelf right below the Camel Hair was Diamond Luxury Collection Alpaca Peru. I was drawn in by the colours and the softness. I couldn’t decide which colour(s) to buy so I got four.

I have a lot of knitting to do if I’m going to justify buying a lot of yarn a Twist. My biggest problem right now is that I can’t fit my new yarn into my stash bins. I’m going to have to play some yarn TETRIS to get it all to fit. Maybe if I just Cast on a bunch of new projects it will give the illusion that all my yarn fits into 2 bins. I blame Ravelry for my growing stash. I was looking at pictures in the Flash your stash 2014 thread and almost all the stashes are significantly bigger than mine. It made me feel less guilty about increasing the size of my stash.

Another toque

It took me all day, but I just finished knitting another toqueIMAG0612 (I’m so fast when I knit with 6mm needles). I really wanted to finish this hat as fast as possible because I am going out of town, to visit friends for the weekend and didn’t want an almost finished item waiting for me at home.

For this toque I did a crochet provisional cast on (because I couldn’t figure out how to do a tubular cast on for 2×2 ribbing). Once I finished the main part of the hat I picked up the cast on stitches and removed the scrap yarn, it was surprisingly easy. I’ve tried a few provisional CO methods before and this is by far my favorite, and in my opinion easiest, method I’ve tried.


sorry for the blurry photo, I had to take it left handed

I knit one round before working a 2×2 rib for 3″. I usually avoid knitting a 2×2 rib because I always get what I call “yarn burn” on my index finger. I have to purl tightly to get the tension right.

I then learnt how to do a tubular bind off for a 2×2 rib (I’ve done it for a 1x1rib once before). It’s been a while since I’ve had to look up a new technique.

I had originally intended for the brim to be foldedIMAG0613, but I think I like it better unfolded. When worn with the brim unfolded the hat looks like a slouch hat.

Now on an unrelated note, I’ve decided to buy more yarn. I managed to consolidate my “active” stash into one bin, so I think I’ve earned more yarn. I’m just planning on buying some Briggs and Little yarn because I want to try it out and compare it Cascade Eco+. (I might also buy a few skeins of yarn that’s on sale, but only if it’s irresistible). Now I need to decide what to bring with me this week

Snowflake Hat

I want to post about everything I make, but I’ve been knitting and crocheting so much lately that I’m finishing something every day. IMAG0611This afternoon I finished knitting a simple toque with a Norwegian snowflake motif. This hat was super easy to knit. I had to force myself to take breaks while knitting it. I used this guide while I was knitting. It really simplified the process. It’s going to make designing hats in different sizes much easier. I know the sizing of adult hats, but I’m never sure what size baby and child hats should be.

The yarns I used are Cascade Eco+ and Cascade Ecological. I really enjoyed using this yarn. I really enjoy working with simple wool yarns. This yarn also comes in huge hanks (I think there were over 400 yards) so it’s a great value. I’ve knit a few other things with it (that are waiting to be blocked) and there’s still plenty left. I’ve already Cast on another toque. This time I plan to knit a Norwegian flower motif.

The toque was super easy to knit and I finished it in less than a day (well really it took 2 days, but I started it after supper one day and only had a few rows left to finish the next day. The hat ended up being one or two sizes smaller than I intended. But I was planning on making some hats this size anyway, now I just don’t have to do the math.

Why is it that when I cast on a hat all my other WIPs get set aside and I can’t work on anything else until I finish it?

Faery Cowl

I just finished crocheting a new cowl.IMAG0608 I’m happy with the results. I just want to hug it. It’s so soft! The yarn I used is Debbie Bliss Andes. It’s on the pricey side, but it’s worth it. The colour is more purple than it appears in the picture (it’s strange how cameras change the appearance of colours).

The stitch I used is called Fairy shell stitch, thus the name of the cowl.IMAG0610 About halfway through making the cowl I was glad of my choice of stitch. I think it really suits the yarn. The yarn is so soft it’s like it was spun by faeries. I know I keep saying how soft the yarn is, but that’s just because I can’t express in words how soft it is.

I enjoyed making this cowl so much that I plan to make it again, maybe slightly different like a scarf or mobius next time. I was so excited to finish this cowl that I let it jump the finishing queue. I have a few other nearly finished objects that need ends woven in, but they’re going to have to wait for another day (I could do it now, but I’d rather procrastinate).

I Want More Yarn: Confessions of a Yarn Addict

Lately I’ve been wanting to go yarn shopping. I’m slowly working my way through my stash which triggered a desire to replace what’s been knit.

the part of my stash that I visit and the 3 WIPs using yarn from that part.

the part of my stash that I visit and the 3 WIPs using yarn from that part.

I have about 3km of yarn in the part of my stash that I’m currently knitting from (I don’t want to think about how much is tucked away in boxes on my bookshelf).

I think I want new yarn to look at and inspire me. I don’t even necessarily want luxury yarns. The yarns I really want to buy are work horse yarns. Maybe I want more yarn to fill a hole in my stash (I don’t have much in terms of cheap, versatile yarns that wear like iron.

Part of me just wants to go to a yarn store and look at (and squish) the yarns, but another part of me knows I might not have the self control to not buy anything. I have to remind myself that I have plenty of beautiful yarn to play with (and even more cheap acrylic), and that in about a month I will be going to Twist Fibre Festival. I know I’m going to end up buying way too much yarn there. I’m also planning on attending Fibrefest in Almonte in September (where, I’m sure more yarn will be purchased). I need to save my money and make room in my stash for all the lovelies I’m going to buy at those 2 events.

I’m also waiting on an online purchase that I really hope arrives soon, but it hasn’t even shipped yet. My order is still pending (which means that they’re still waiting on the arrival of at least one of the yarns I ordered, but this isn’t a rant about how it’s poor business practice to advertise yarn as being for sale when it isn’t sitting in your storeroom waiting to be sold).

All of this is just my way of telling myself that I don’t need to buy more yarn. Soon my stash will be overflowing with beautiful new skeins. I just have to be patient. I’m sure time will fly while I make space in my stash by knitting what I already own. I’m too young to reach SABLE!

Rediscovering my Love for Crochet and Estonian Starflower Cowl

This post has two topics (I thought it would be best to merge them into one post as opposed to writing 2 posts back to back).

Rediscovering My Love for Crochet

I’ve been struggling to figure out what to knit with the skein of Sublime Lustrous in pink I bought a few months ago. I cast on a few different projects only to frog them after a few rows. There were a few other ideas that never even made it to the needles. Finally, last night I decided to try crocheting something. I started to make this scarf. I planned on making it shorter and sewing the edges together into a cowl. After a few rows I decided to make it into a mobius. 2014-07-20 01.52.51I frogged what I had done and started over. I started with a Ch104 and then added a 180ยบ twist before joining in the round. From there I followed the pattern I linked to above. I’m thrilled with the result. The best part is: it only took me a few hours to make (I think I was completely finished in less than 3 hours). I wanted to add one more round, but I ran out of yarn with less than half a round left. With all the extra yarn I had left I crocheted a flower.2014-07-20 01.53.22 I haven’t decided what to do with the flower yet. I might sew it on to a hat or a headband as an embellishment or I might turn it into a brooch. I had forgotten how much I enjoy crocheting. I’ve been avoiding crochet lately because of the GIANT crochet blanket I’ve been working on. All my crochet focus has been on that one project. It was nice working on something small that takes a few hours to finish as oppose to months.

Estonian Starflower Cowl

I also just finished blocking and sewing my Estonian Starflower Cowl.2014-07-20 13.18.08 It’s length is somewhere between cowl and infinity scarf. I can wrap it around my neck twice. I used this pattern as a jumping off point and just kept knitting until I ran out of yarn. It was knit with Manos Silk Blend. This was the first time I knit with that yarn and I fell in love with it immediately. After knitting this scarf I bought 6 more skeins. The only thing I don’t like about this yarn is that it’s impossible to find two skeins that match well enough to knit something bigger.