Princess Toque

Princess toqueI finally finished knitting my double knit princess toque. Double knitting is getting really hard on my wrists, so this will probably be my last double knit project for a while (although I already want to make matching double knit mitts).

This is one of the first things I designed. I’ve now made 3 hats and one headband with this tiara chart. This one is my favourite. I love the purple colour. The yarn I used is Cascade 220 superwash. The colours are Plum crazy and pink.

Mini Stockings

I just realized that I haven’t posted anything in 2 weeks. I just haven’t been all that excited about what I’m making. I have updated my stash page and my project page on ravelry, now my goal is to keep them up to date.

I currently have two active WIPs, a double knit toque that I will write about once it’s finished and a mini stocking. I’m starting to really enjoy knitting mini stockings. I’ve knit three so far and am halfway done a forth.

2014-10-08 16.47.21The first was knit with some left over green yarn. The first stocking served as a proof of concept of sorts. Once I knew I would be knitting more I went out and bought some yarn and a set of 3mm double pointed needles. The yarn I bought is Briggs and Little Sport. I chose it because it’s the cheapest wool I could find. It’s also a decent quality product and it’s canadian.

Knitting something so small on double pointed needles was a bit of a challenge at first. There were needles everywhere, but I eventually got the hang of it. The first stocking features an adorable caribou.

2014-10-12 21.04.21For the second stocking I decided to knit something more simple. This stocking reminds me of a strawberry. It took me an entire day to knit this tiny stocking (about 6-7 hours). I made the stockings just big enough to hold a gift card.

2014-10-22 18.30.51The stocking I am currently working on features a snowman and a tree. Managing three strands of yarn was a challenge. I decided to try knitting this one inside out to see if it was easier to manage the floats. It was a bit easier, but I found it awkward to knit inside out. Now I have to get back to knitting my mini stocking.

Keeping track of my stash

I’ve decided to start using the ravelry stash page to keep track of my stash. I wish I started doing this when my stash was still small (compared to what it is now). I spent 45 minutes entering my handspuns into the handspun tab. I only have 7 handspuns and a lot more than 7 yarns. It’s going to be a long process. I know I have to get it done while my stash is still manageable (and then I have to keep it updated). Once I Finish with my stash, I’m going to have to enter all my projects. My project page currently contains about 1/3 of my projects.

Knitting Progress

I’ve made some serious project on the sweater I’m knitting (the pattern can be found here). I’ll probably finish the body tonight, then all that’s left is the sleeves and the collar. I’ve started the 2×2 ribbing at the bottom only to realize that I have 2 extra stitches (I probably should have counted first). Now I have to unpick just over 200 stitches. It’s a daunting task. It makes me wish I was 60 lbs lighter so I’d have less stitches to deal with. I’m excited to finish it. It’s my first sweater (I don’t count the cardigan and the vest I’ve knit as sweaters).

Knitting up a storm

Over the past week and a half to 2 weeks I’ve been working on one project start to finish before starting a new one. As a result I’ve been much more productive with my knitting. I’m not wasting my knitting time by trying to decide which project to work. I have to say, it’s nice not having half a dozen WIPs taking up all the horizontal surfaces of my room. I’m surprised by how much more productive I am when I work on one thing at a time.

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What’s the opposite of Startitis?

What’s the opposite of startitis? Whatever it is I have it. The good news is my case of startitis is cured and I’m no longer swimming in WIPs and fighting the urge to cast on more. Now I only want to work on one project at a time. Once I cast on I keep working on it until I finish. I have no desire to work on any other projects. I don’t even have the desire to work on my spinning WIP once I started knitting something new.

Focusing on one project at a time isn’t a bad thing. It actually makes me feel more productive because I finish projects faster (I knit a whole hat yesterday). The down side is that right now I want a break from knitting the cowl I started this morning, but can’t bring myself to work on anything else. My hands are getting restless.